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Shake the Ground - Cherri Bomb

Текст песни Shake the Ground в исполнении Cherri Bomb:

You're suited up like I want some
But I don't want your opinion
You're loaded up like a shotgun
Pull the trigger, don't you love it
When you take one out
Take one out

I won't do what I'm told
I will break you down, take you down
Shake the ground
Your dark sun leaves me cold
I will burn it out, wear you down
Shake the ground

You've got the whole world choking
From all the bridges that you're burning
You're not the leader of an army
I'm not the enemy, step back down
Step back down


So tie your rope
Your karma's killing me
I hope you know
You'll never get to me
Your cover's blown
There's no more breaking me
This is the end of control


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